It has been long anticipated, but Instagram has finally done it: they now allow users to download public Reels! This new feature enables users to save public Reels they have watched - without having to screen record - as well as having the ability to share their favorite Reels effortlessly. This provides a convenient way to keep up with new and popular Reels, as well as allowing easier access to them for future viewing. As with all new features, this could help improve user engagement and open up new opportunities in the way Reels are used.
As technology and marketing experts, we take deep interest in the formation and work of venture capital (VC) funds. By combining their regional expertise in the European and Latin America markets, Boost Capital Partners’ mission is to deploy its capital in the most innovative startups it can find. With its ‘games-level user experience’ focus, Boost Capital Partners hopes to support the success of startups offering its users the best possible experience when using their platform. We look forward to working with Boost Capital Partners and can’t wait to see the impact of their venture activities.
The Olx Group, a leading multinational online marketing and technology firm, has made the difficult decision to cut 800 jobs and shut down some of its markets. This move comes as the company is making cuts and restructuring in line with its long-term strategic plan. The company is currently reviewing all operating markets and evaluating strategies to maximize efficiency and ensure long-term viability. While the job cuts are unfortunate, the company believes this move is necessary to ensure healthy and sustainable growth. The company is dedicated to providing a generous severance package to all affected employees. We wish them all the best in their future endeavors.