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Boost Capital Partners Aims to Invest in Companies Crafting High-Level User Experiences
Boost Capital Partners – a new venture capital (VC) fund set up by European and Latin American (LatAm) founders – has announced its official launch. With a commitment to support pre-seed and seed-stage startups, the fund is looking to help startups achieve their goals with games-level user experience (UX).

The fund is led by a team of experienced industry professionals, with a deep understanding of both technology and marketing. It has been established to provide an alternative for startups to raise capital that is outside the traditional venture capital ecosystem.

“We are passionate about connecting our founders with the resources they need to grow and succeed,” said BCP’s Managing Partner, Sarah Saloman. “We understand that startups need more than just investment. They need strategic advice, access to a larger network of experts, and a team that understands the unique challenges they face.”

BCP’s core focus is on seed and pre-seed stage startups, although later-stage investments are also possible. Companies must have strong product-market fit and be on track to reach profitability in the next two to three years.

The fund’s investment criteria is extremely strict, and its investment decisions are ultimately based on the value it can add to the company.

In order to differentiate itself from traditional venture capitalists, BCP also pays close attention to the user experience. Its ambition is to provide a gaming-level UX, with an emphasis on creating engaging and interactive user experiences.

BCP has already made several successful investments. One of its portfolio companies is the award-winning travel planning company, TripPlanner. With BCP’s support, TripPlanner has achieved high levels of user engagement and has seen strong growth in its user base.

BCP’s team is also involved in the day-to-day operations of its portfolio companies, providing support and resources to drive growth.

Ultimately, the fund seeks to “bridge the gap between Europe and Latin America by connecting Latin American entrepreneurs with the resources and networks of Europe and the United States” said Saloman.

BCP’s launch has been met with enthusiastic support from many of the venture capital industry’s leading voices.

“The level of user experience that BCP is offering could be game-changing for many startups,” said Steve Blank, a technology and venture capital consultant. “I’m looking forward to seeing the impact that this fund can have.”


Boost Capital Partners has made a bold statement with its launch, aiming to revolutionize the venture capital industry by providing startups with games-level user experience. With a commitment to pre-seed and seed-stage startups, BCP has already made several successful investments and has the potential to make a real difference in the industry. Its launch has been met with enthusiastic support from many of the venture capital industry’s leading voices, and the future looks bright for startups looking for the support and resources they need to succeed.